Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Blues

You know that you really need a change when your weekends start painting themselves with that drab scent of monotony. And so it was that we decided to go for a KK concert to be held at IIM-Bangalore last Saturday. His performance was scheduled to start at 18:30 and so we reached their early enough to give us time to check out the campus and the other events. Managed to catch a Punjabi group dance competition complete with a sardar whose clothes were falling off .... I kid you not.

Anyways 18:30 became 19:00 which became 19:30 which became .... We were pretty frustrated by the time KK got on stage at 20:00 but his performance did take away some of the pent up anger.

Fortunately we didn’t stand in line or get into the jam packed enclosed ground. Found a good vantage point at an elevation from where we could see the screen pretty clearly and there wasn’t a constantly-on-the-jump crowd to further get on our nerves. The next 2 hours were pretty enjoyable with KK entertaining us with his hits, special mention to the Summer of 69 song. All good except for the fact that KK kept hopping to the back of the stage to the drummer with his back to the audience while shaking his bum. Dont ask how I noticed! I cant tell you that he's a must watch act as I think his music is a bit soft-ish and I prefer my music to have a tad more rock entwined in it. Like Rock On. But a welcome change it was, now to make plans for this weekend that dont include a movie or a mall.

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