Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Its only February but the summer sun is making a rather unwelcome early appearance this year. Make that a couple of months too early (this should convince all the non - Al Gore believers...) Im not one for much roaming around Bangalore on weekends - a rather unequal combination of1. bad traffic (on saturdays) and its accompanying pollution (try waiting at any one of our numerous signals where autos refuse to switch off their engines and give out unbelievable amounts of smoke)2.an empty wallet for which the soon to arrive R15 is to blame3.exhaustion (for which weekdays are to blame) and 4.laziness all combine together to push me towards my book collection which is growing faster than I am reading them.

Last sunday however necessity overcame this comfortable combination and I was roaming around town with my brother. The result - my weekend exhaustion has moved to weekday exhaustion and ive got a major pain in my neck due to my rather heavy GP One helmet. And yet I actually enjoyed it.

Come to think of it theres something about the summer that makes people upbeat. School kids are understandably happy as its sports time until they are old enough to (wrongly) realise studies are more important. Parents are happy cause they dont need to get up early and put send their kids to school. Tourist spots see higher revenues. Music artists get to croon/rap/etc etc about their favourite time of the year. I mean think about it, how many songs about the winter have you heard? The only end of the year songs Ive heard are christmas songs. But summertime brings out the best of music artists. The song summertime aptly captures the spririt of the season

In the summertime when the weather is fine

And you can strech right up and touch the sky

Now when the weather is fine

You got women, you got women on your mind

Im gonna drink and drive and see what I can find

Now if her daddy is rich take her out for a meal

And if her daddy is poor just do what you feel ......

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