Friday, February 06, 2009

Safe and sorry ......

The last time I went to the Electronics City office (situated 20 minutes away from Bangalore city) by bike I got stopped by a cop (who to be fair was stopping a lot of bikes) in front of the Madiwala police station. He checked my bike papers and since I dont have the No Objection Certificate (NOC, a document by your local Regional Transport Office that says you are cleared to ride in other states) I had to slip the cop a 100 buck note. In all honesty it was my mistake as I was riding right in front of him despite being warned by my friend that since I have a bike that is registered in Kerala I should avoid riding right in front of them as we are easy meat. Lesson learned the hard way. And I was determined never to make the same mistake again.

So there I was, passing through the same road today morning when I remembered this incident 500 meters before I reached the police station. So I moved to the middle of the road in between buses and cars when from out of nowhere a cop sees me and charges onto the middle of the road and asks me to pull over. Surprised would barely begin to describe what I felt and after the mandatory 'Uncle Cop' role he started taking out his charge booklet. Out came my wallet and I gave him a 50 but he was like 'Only 50 ? it should be 100' but then in a kind gesture he decided to take the 50. Wallet lightened and I was still puzzled as to why he suddenly charged across the road to pull me over.

5 minutes later I stopped at a signal & was checking my rear view mirror when it struck me. The last time I was caught was in front of the police station and I am sure that todays cop wouldve seen me at that time. How did he remember it was me? My more than colourful GP One helmet with an iridium visor & orange DSG gloves, thats how. I am pretty sure I must be a pretty stand out in terms of bike gear (as if a helmet & gloves is sufficient but compare that to other bikers, most of who wear a cheap black helmet without even securing the helmet clasps, and you get the picture) and he wouldve remembered how I had to pay the last time.

So have I learned my lesson & will I go get the NOC from my RTO and come to the Bangalore RTO and pay the state tax ? errrr no. Not only will a lot more plams have to be waxed, a lot of time will also get wasted. Plus that R15 is looking all the more desirable, with a Bangalore registration no issues will arise. Im assuming I wont get caught enough number of times till the R15 is in my garage. So the 2 options in front of me - get a new helmet (been on my mind for a while) and / or find an alternate route that doesnt go through the Madiawala police station to get to office. Time to hit Google Maps.

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Buls said...

No no... the helmet absolutely cannot go... you are Neil 'coz of the helmet... thats a part of your identity (atleast for a mere acquaintance like me)