Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Metal or flesh ?

Think of using a fork and spoon - chances are more often than not visions of an elegant dinner in a restaurant with everything perfectly in place will come flowing through your mind. Shift gears and think about eating with your hands - this time images of your south indian friends eating sambar soaked rice with a content smile on their face (not to mention dipped in sambar fingers) have a higher probability of being what is pictured.

Not that anything is wrong with either approach, I for one am perfectly comfortable with any of one these 2. Using your hands to rip apart a misbehaving piece of chicken while meeting your clients is a strict no-no as is asking for a fork and spoon (asking for tissue would make it worse, not something worth trying) paper while a heap of rice with a variety of curries and a papadam on a banana leaf is placed in front of you. To be honest I've heard a number of discussions on this topic with no side having a comprehensive seal-the-matter final point. The most recent differed as the proponent for the 'hands on approach' said "Using a fork and spoon is nice but you really have no idea how clean they are as you dont know where they have been before you used them. I know what I have done with my hands and how clean they are." End of discussion.

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