Monday, February 02, 2009

Oz Open errr Aus Open

It truly was a battle of the titans. One for the ages. Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal for the Australian Open title. It was billed as the final everyone wanted to see and they sure didnt disappoint.

Impossible angles were the norm rather than the exception. Once again it came down to Roger Federer's grace versus Rafael Nadal's never-give-up spirit. One has to give credit where credit is due, Nadal chased down every single ball and had the ability to return more shots (often winners) than any other player I have seen. Phenomenal I think would begin to describe him.

It was only in the 5th set that finally the signs were finally visible. Federer's face started showing those creeping moments of doubt as suddenly every shot of his seemed to be going out. And before he knew it Nadal had a commanding lead and walked away with the title. The commentators mentioned that its probably at a stage now where Nadal is in Federer's head. He beat him on his Rolland Garros. He even went to Wimbledon & beat Federer on his home court. And slowly but surely it appears that the mantle is being passed. From one great to the next, the heralding of the new while gracefully ushering out the old guard. I for one still prefer watching Federer but it is Nadal who is the better player for now.

As a side note, NDTV immediately began flashing the headline Nadal wins 'Oz Open' not realizing that the Oz Open would equate to the New Zealand Open. Morons.

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