Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Faster, higher, stronger ! errrrr not exactly....

There's something about sports that brings out the best in (well, most) of us. No longer can man battle man with bare fists & weapons, trying to break both will & bone until one finally emerges victorious like in the old days(Scenes from Russel Crowe's Gladiator spring to mind). So we have over the decades decided to engage in more civilised combat on the sporting field. Great rivalries have played out on tennis courts over the last few decades, the most recent being Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer. Storybook stuff. Australia & England battling over the Ashes. You get the drift.

The challenges that inspire the best out of our sporting champions is what captures our attention. When Australia batting first made the highest one day score people were like 'wow, South Africa is going to be embarrassed tonight'. And then SA go ahead and rewrite the history books by surpassing the total in a brilliant effort. Scripting the impossible is what makes sports so fascinating.

So what in the world are we doing going bowling? We end up spending time & money by running and hurling a ball down a polished floor to try and knock down stationary pins. Well you might argue that cricket is the same, we are after all trying to knock down 3 stumps and/or the bails. But there is the small matter of a batsman who is ready to smash the ball and your ego straight out the park, standing between you and the stumps. So what’s the challenge in bowling ? We dont have different weather conditions to play in. We dont have different surfaces to play on. We dont have an opponent to negate our moves, whoever your opponent is doesnt make a difference to your next attempt. So why am I spotted in bowling alleys? Oh, I just enjoy sitting back and watching my friends try their hand at it while they go through myriad emotions. Trust me thats much more enjoyable.

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