Thursday, January 29, 2009

193 to go

"Expectation is the mother of disappointment". So goes my line of thinking. Here's why.

For years I was one of the countless who were led to believe that a movie is as great as its trailer. But with age came the realisation that movie trailers have all the pivotal scenes & the best dialogues. All that’s left is the climax, which isn’t too difficult to guess these days.

Nicholas Cage's Snake Eyes fits the bill rather clearly. The movie had nothing to offer and was such a big disappointment. Deep Blue Sea ranks a close second. Oceans 13 which I watched recently was surprisingly quite a flop in this respect as well.

Which is where the 200 movies that I recently got my hands on come in. I must have heard of a grand total of 10 of them. Which means 195 movies with absolutely no scope for disappointment.

City of God is one of the 195. And boy was it one heck of a movie. Really fascinating movie that was made all the more special by the fact that its based on a true story. Wow there is so much of this world that we dont know or can barely begin to fathom. Another Aussie movie - Gone is part of this movie brigade. The movie has 3 unknown lead characters and an insignificant support cast along with the Australian outback. And yet it had me gripped.

So here's my oath for the year 2009. No more trailers. As an extension - no judging a music album on the songs that have been released on radio/VH1. Only then will I give myself the freedom to not get disappointed. And in times like these we really could do with this freedom.

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