Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Corporate culture through the eyes of Scott Adams

For all those HR people who advocate working to prove that you can rise to a challenge
You know the type - the ones who talk about modern challenges & how everyone has to work harder now that its recession time. About how we should continue to strive forward to accept new challenges & cross new boundaries. While working for the same pay......

Too much customer friendliness

We all agree that the customer is king. But what happens when you take it to extremes ?


Many of us have often encountered people in a much better position than ourselves, earning in many multiples of our salary while at the same time knowing absolutely nothing at all. Its not all bad though, conversations on how he managed to reach that position & stay there without the people above him realising he's an idiot are extremely enjoyable & much more fun than discussing the weather.
IT life
My favourite! This truly does capture the life of a guy in India's IT industry. We slog for days (includes weekends & overtime for which we do not get paid) & at the end of it the guys onsite/clients say 'Oh thats not required' ......

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