Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ready, aim , hurl that shoe !

For years the humble shoe has been just that - a shoe. You polish your formal pair(s) and head to work. You keep your sneakers a light shade of brown to show that the shoe has been run in. A total of 3 pairs does it for most guys I guess. Unlike women who need a pair for each shade of dress / different colour combination that they have but thats another story in itself. And the shoe would've been destined to stay at that level of unimportance for the years to come had it not been for the actions of one Munthadar al-Zeidi, an Iraqi journalist.

After his courageous shoe flinging incident he has become something of a celebrity across the world. Suddenly everyones inbox was filled with
1. a video of the incident which unfortunately missed beloved Bush
2. a game which allows you to throw shoes at Bush popping up behind a podium

I even read somewhere that a (Egyptian?) dad has offered the hand of his daughter in marriage to Mr Munthadar al-Zeidi because of his bravery. Here with the downturn in the economy & the uncertainty thats prevailing across the Indian IT sector, guys from the IT industry are just not getting marriage proposals. However his bravery has come at a price, his brother has been quoted as saying that he is missing a tooth & has cigarette burn marks on his ear (according to the Associated Press). Ouch. But I guess in the years to come, this clip will be replayed again and again and people will look back with a smile and say, now there was a guy with balls. Honestly not many have the guts to stand up to the American president. Tony Blair is one name that springs to mind with an alarming speed. The French stood up to them some years back & Americans wanted to ban french fries ..... Munthadar al-Zeidi, may you come out of this safe, my prayers are with you. Even if your actions were an extreme case of exercising your right to freedom of speech & you were wrong in hurling that shoe with great force (at the expense of precision), you have ended up making the world think. And for this I thank you.

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