Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not quite the Indian Idol

So there we were, having breakfast at office when a person joined the group of people sitting at our table and proceeded to take out his cellphone and play some crazy Punjabi song (as far as I could make out) at full volume. Our company culture is such that a group of people laughing loudly during meal time find themselves at the receiving end of disapproving glances (We would know since we are almost always the culprits). So one can imagine the looks of horror etched on peoples faces when they realised what was happening. Not only that, the hero decided to start singing along loudly as well. Cue instantaneous silence and dropped jaws all across. Hearing a guy sing "Come be my boyfriend" in office first thing in the morning is not a pleasant experience by any measure. Never before have we gulped down our sandwiches at that speed. Absolutely amazing.

We spotted him later on for lunch as well. As my friend said, "He is drinking his banana shake like he is sipping beer". Nuff said !

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