Friday, July 23, 2010

The Simple Solution - Neil's 8 Golden Rules

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The answer to our prayers lies in few simple rules that I have developed based on my years of experience. So the next time you get invited to go shopping, stop pretending that watching golf on TV is interesting. Readily agree to go and ask them to bring their partners in crime. I mean friends. Initially remember to use discretion while offering your opinion (wont matter anyways). Slowly but surely they will warm up to the idea of you accompanying them & will even start asking you to help them decide. Which is when you bring out Neil's golden rules & follow them to the last letter.

Rule #1 - The most expensive dresses / bags etc: should be met with a "This is nice but it isnt really you"
Rule #2 - Rule #1 is very important since you are going to be footing the bill
Rule #3 - Dont blatantly search for the price tag & then say it isnt really you. Pretend that youre looking at the dress carefully (work your eyebrows a bit) & then casually check the price tag
Rule #4 - Dont just say this isnt really you and walk away. For the first 5 - 6 times, find something else that is equally good but lighter on the wallet. If you are in a stingy mood pretend not to like anything. Not recommended though.
Rule #5 - If you have gotten away with this 3 time in a row, take the initiative & find a nice item (lipstick, bangles, hand bags etc) and insist that you buy it for them. You do this once and they will not pick up anything for the next few shopping trips besides groceries.
Rule #6 - Do not underestimate the power of rule #5.
Rule #7 - Do not let the success of my advice get to your heads.
Rule #8 - Do not let these women get their hands on these rules !

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Sujai Edwin Moses said...

Dude, you seem to be a pro at this. How come you have so much experience??? And anyways, I tried this recently and it worked!!! Rule #5 holds good in all scenarios. Thanks for the advice!!! Cheers!!