Friday, July 23, 2010

Excuse me, do you have this in ....

The first time it happened it was embarrassing for me. The second time it was ok. Now Im so used to it that it doesnt bother me. But it does leave the other person extremely embarassed. And me laughing.

Its probably my 'helpful' face. Whatever the reason, I often get people coming up to me in stores asking me whether this shoe is available in other sizes or if there are different colours that are present etc. And when I explain that Im there to shop just like them they turn beetroot red.

Ive actually noticed that this happens to me irrespective of how I look / dress. Ive been clean shaven with short hair and dressed for the corporate world & still had people come up to me & ask for different sizes. Ive sported a grizzly gargantuan beard that kept almost everyone away. Except for those women who came & asked me if the same pair of shoes was available in pink.

Now Ive decided that the next time someone asks me something like this, Ill ask them to sit & wait while I go get them what they want and quietly walk out of the shop. So the next time you spend over 15 minutes waiting for the sales guy to bring you the same shoes in your size before getting irritated & walking out of the store, you know who youve spoken to.

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