Thursday, July 08, 2010

New medical condition discovered - Mental Asphyxiation

Everyone keeps telling us that we are unbelievably lucky to be staying virtually next door to a fashion college that is reputed to have the prettiest girls in town. Not true (the lucky bit not the pretty women part) I keep telling them but nobody believes me.

The problem is that these girls seem to suffer from what has been appropriately termed as 'mental asphyxiation'. Common symptoms include
- the inability to have a sensible conversation (we have unfortunately overheard enough and more of their illustrious conversations that unfailingly give us a headache each time)
- randomly bursting into a song in the middle of a nonsensical conversation (I am an unfortunate witness to this)
- joining other women who have randomly burst into a song in the middle of a nonsensical conversation
- dressing differently from the rest of the general public every day since they belong to a fashion college
- stand and blink for long intervals despite being surrounded by their friends
There might be other undiscovered symptoms as well but I am not willing to risk my mental well being by spending time observing the behavioural habits of these unfortunate victims. If you feel brave enough to carry on advanced studies in this field, do contact me but dont go around pointing fingers at me if your family kicks you out in 6 months for blabbering incoherently and / or walking around with golden streaks in your hair.


Sujai Edwin Moses said...

Nice!!! Could you give me a more detailed view of this medical condition??? Am trying to draw inspiration for my next blog!!!

Neil said...

Lol, you do know thats akin to asking me to jump into a tank of hungry sharks while wearing a Bite Me tee .... Will follow up & update

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

Divya Rai said...

this is very funny. God knows what punk college you live next to! I am saying as I too am from a Fashion school, but can vouch that except point no 4th and 5th, none hold true.
At least not in my college.:))

Neil said...

Divya, as they say, denial is the first step towards acceptance. Im just saying .....