Thursday, August 05, 2010

Silsila my arse-ah !

The recent World Cup has proven one thing - its impossible for a bunch of people to agree that they all like one single team or player. They might all work in the same office or hang out together or be related but at the end of the day one persons favourite team will find its way to the despised list of the next. Watching best friends cheering opposing teams while sharing a beer wasnt an unusual sight during the WC.

However one thing that they will all unanimously agree on is that they detest this video - . Not just regular detest. Detest as in straight from the bottom of the heart detest. It has to be by far the most hated music video in all of Kerala's history. Its so terrible that its reached truly iconic status in no time and makes for entertaining Mallu discussions the world over.

Ill save you the trouble of scratching your head and wondering what so special about it. Well its got such amazing dance steps that I wouldnt be surprised if I saw Usher pulling off those same moves in his next video. Copycat ! The wardrobe team has done a splendid job & the people appearing in the video look like they have walked staight off the ramp. Truth is, if our Indian fashion designers were to see the video they would undoubtedly make the wardrobe team walk the plank. God bless the casting crew, they really have gone where no casting crew has gone before by hiring smoking hot firangs (foreigners). More like they were smoking something when they hired those ladies.

In fact the only thing better than watching the videos is reading the comments my fellow Mallu bretheren have shared. Most of them are in malayalam so you probably wont understand it. Sufficient to say these comments wont just make a sailor blush, they will turn him beetroot red (similar to the people who keep coming & asking me for shoe sizes). Given the chance, Im sure everyone would just love to kick the makers of video as hard as they can just to ensure that we are spared the pain of watching a possible sequel !

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