Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Colour blind

Like most other guys, the colour pink somehow just doesn’t seem to be right to me. Im fine with all shades and hues of greens, blues, reds, oranges etc: but almost anything in pink seems to be plain wrong. You’re not likely to find guys having pink bedrooms nor are you likely to find them flaunting a pink phone. And unless they still find being termed metro-sexual fashionable, youre not likely to spot them wearing pink shirts either.

In fact, to guys the colour pink is a lot like the rat in the intriguing conversation between Colonel Hans Landa and Pierre LaPadite in Inglorious Basterds (fantastic movie by the way). It hasn’t done anything to harm us but we still loathe it.

However, there is one redeeming thing about the colour pink. Its given the world what is one of my all time favourite cartoon characters. There really is nothing quite like coming back from a really crappy day at work and watching an episode of Pink Panther as he does his best to drive The Man crazy. I can watch the Pink Panther and The Man paint the same house pink and blue all day long and still enjoy it. Add to it the simple but catchy theme music and you have the perfect recepie to drive your blues away.

Now that I think about it, a green or a blue panther wouldve been atrocious. Watch the poor Aardvark in the Ant & the Aardvark to see what I mean. Which begs the question, have we men have been wrong about pink all along ?


Buls said...

I don't understand why pink repels men... it is such a nice color

Neil said...

It is perceived to be 'girly' by most you know ....