Thursday, April 29, 2010

How I got left behind in the social network revolution

Response 1 : “Hahahahahaha …… You’re joking right. (Pause) You’re not joking?”
Response 2 : “How could you NOT be on facebook ? That’s impossible !”
Response 3 :”Thank God you told me this. Listen, please don’t tell anybody that you’re not on FB. And go sign in at the earliest”
Response 4: “What the **** !”

There are more responses that are along the lines of those listed above which I have omitted. Responses that I have received from friends / family / acquaintances when I tell them that I don’t check my FB account.

It seems that just about everyone has migrated from Orkut to FB and in the process quite a few of them have deleted their once beloved Orkut profiles. Farmville & Mafia Wars are what’s cool and Orkut is well so last year. Or so I am told. I did eventually create a FB profile but I realized that there was just too much happening on it every single day. I got swamped just trying to read what everyone had posted every day & in less than a week I did the smart thing & threw in the towel.

It is rather silly how people waste time on it. For example when it rains, someone has to post that its raining outside (well it cant really be raining inside now can it) to which someone will reply “Don’t forget your umbrella” to which someone else will reply “Good idea” to which the 1st person to will reply “Thanks for your suggestions” (like he/she hasn’t learnt in 20+ years that you need to carry an umbrella if it is raining). Post this a fourth person will ask “Did you get wet” and so on and so forth. Im not making this up. Im all for social networking and all but this is a bit ridiculous.

Yesterday Radio Indigo interviewed a couple of people yesterday who said that they spend at least 3 – 4 hours a day playing the FB games. Finally the RJ asked one of them wouldn’t it be better if you spend the same time growing actual plants & trees? That was funny. Then there is the whole controversy about how FB invades your privacy ( ) and (

So how long will I continue my FB hiatus ? Probably not much longer, I do realise that I am a bit out of the loop cause Im not on FB. Not world ending out of the loop but probably enough to get me to check it once in a while. Im just worried that by the time I get comfortable with FB some other social network site would have come up & everyone would’ve jumped ship to that …

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