Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dont push that button

I think it would be a fair assumption to say that that any person (however limited his / her IQ) should be able to comprehend the following
1. Pressing the button of an elevator button will cause the button to be illuminated
2. The illumination signifies that the elevator will be coming to the floor where the person pressing the button is present
3. In case there are multiple elevators that are interconnected, then the lights on the buttons of all the elevators on the floor will light up which means that one of the elevators will move to the floor at the earliest.
4. The elevators are programmed to move from floor to floor with the least possible delay.

None of these 4 points are overtly complicated nor are they mind boggling. And yet every time I wait for the elevator at one of our multiple multi-storeyed buildings I see people pressing the already illuminated button multiple times. Apparently there is some unwritten rule that if the lift doesn’t arrive in the next 15 seconds, its time to press it again. That is unless someone else has just arrived & has pressed it in the 15 second gap despite it being lit up. Is it just me that has understood that the frequency of pressing elevator buttons has no relation to its time of arrival ?

Another thing that Ive noticed is that the buttons of the elevators in our building (unsurprisingly) conk out rather frequently. When they do, people turn to the working elevator buttons which results in the load on those poor buttons to increase which in turn leads to an even faster rate of wear out. The elevator company guys must be rather irritated with having to replace the buttons so often. Maybe I should suggest rewiring the system so that people get an electric shock if they press an already illuminated lift button. But that would be plain mean. Ill suggest a minor shock instead.

All this ranting is a bit unnecessary anyways. Ive found the perfect way to avoid getting irritated by those suffering from the Obsessive Compulsive Elevator Button Pressing Disorder. I just take the stairs.

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