Friday, April 16, 2010

Dirty walk !

Ever since Ive started wearing sneakers Ive stayed away from those that had too much of white on them as I have this uncanny ability to change them to a light shade of brown in the matter of a couple of weeks without really doing anything out of the ordinary. So at the point of sale (MBA word!) my sneakers would usually have a lot of blue or black or grey with a little bit of white thrown in for good measure. Add the odd football or cricket match in the ensuing weekends to the mix and the still new shoes end up with a reddish – brown colour that makes it look much older than it is. And cleaning them faithfully like so many other people never made any sense to me because however much I tried to avoid the premature ageing of my sneakers, they would find a way to get dirty in no time.

Which is why I bought a pair of Reebok sneakers recently that were a mix of white and yellow without any dark colours on it. Despite not spending too much time on the sports field these days, I thought it was but a matter of time before the shoes lost the fresh off the showroom snow white look due to the daily grind and happily picked them up. What I didn’t count on is the fact that the shoes have stubbornly refused to follow tradition and still look as if they were bought yesterday. Which is why people still ask me “New shoes?” despite having bought the pair months ago. Since I usually alternate between my other darker couple of pairs of sneakers on most days, the white Reeboks attracts even more undeserving attention than it should. So if you happen to see a guy walking down a dusty road, dragging his feet in the dirt with his every step, hop into a puddle, run through the playground chasing a football that is in the middle of a match that he is not a part of and running away from the 22 players who were part of the match before he kicked the ball into the next compound, you know who it is …….

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Buls said...

Has Reebok paid you for the wonderful review???? :p