Monday, December 07, 2009

Random musings

Maybe its just me but sitting & thinking about the multiple twists & turns that life has subjected you to and the many more unexpected ones that it has in store for you (reminds me of the old donkey kong game where he keeps throwing barrels down and you keep leaping over them while moving up levels) at 3 AM on a sunday morning certainly puts things into perspective. All those things that seem to envelope you as you go about life on a day to day basis are suddenly brought back into their rightful (unimportant) places with a resounding thud. The actual important stuff that gets relegated to the backseat all too easily suddenly stands right in front of you and you wonder how on earth did you ever lose sight of it in the first place. (Note: this was typed at 4 AM on sunday morning)

Its a monday now and looking back Ive kinda forgotten whatever I thought about that late on a saturday night. Some people never learn.

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