Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December to remember

Jeez, is it december already? My favourite month of the year is upon us and I havent the foggiest notion of how the last 11 months have raced by. December means two things to me - my birthday and Christmas. Having a birthday which landed smack in the middle of the second term examinations every single year for the entire duration of my schooling and engineering meant that I never really celebrated my birthday growing up. Hence Im far far from the 'Yay! its my birthday, the happiest day of the year, come one, come all, join me in my happiness blah blah' types (basically most other people). Nope, a nice quiet dinner with close friends will do fine for me. Whats so special about a birthday anyways? You realise youve gotten a year older (nice when youre in your teens, not that nice when youre in your twenties) and you have a time based benchmark to list out all the important stuff you achieved in the last one year (in my case usually not much) and then all the stuff which you shouldve done but never got around to (in my case usually a lengthy list). So whats the whole fuss about ?

Christmas on the other hand is something I cannot get enough of. In fact, if I had it my way there would be a christmas every 6 months. And whats not to like ? People finally decide to let work take a back seat and put family first on their list. Theres the whole putting up the star and decorating the christmas tree thing which I vociferously complain about but secretly enjoy doing. Women would of course love christmas cause theres a lot of shopping involved and their cullinary skills get a wonderful chance to shine (avoiding corny comparisons to the shining star that played an integral part in the tale of christmas). For men, with family around the booze flows and the spread on the dining table is always the best on that one day. Christmas music is one of my favourite genres, in fact I dont know how anyone could not like the classic carols. Add to it the customary christmas sweets and (rum soaked) christmas pudding . Bliss. And I havent even mentioned the magic of Santa Claus. Is it any wonder that its my favourite month of the year ?

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