Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whatsinamess ?

Theres a refreshing honesty about bachelors. The only untidy houses Ive been to are bachelor pads, which means that anything goes in terms of messiness and clutter. That of course implies clothes (hiding the text book your host so deperately was searching for to study for tomorrows exam) in piles everywhere, cigarette butts strewn all over the floor, beer bottles here and there, unwashed dishes in the sink and if your host is old school - girly magazines. Ask your friend if you can use his computer and chances are that 9 times out of 10 you will find a folder on the desktop filled with the latest movies, music and porn (in no specific order). The threat of a parent visit means that all the clothes get shifted as a lump and thrown into the cupboard (leading you to find the book your host needed for yesterdays exam....), cigarette butts are hastily swept off, rapid fire dishwashing occurs and the bottles are hidden behind a pile of unopened text books. And for some strange reason your host dont seem to know which subjects these textbooks are meant for even though his exams are going on.... Often characterised by long hair, stubble and a general air of dishevelness, bachelors are often appreciated by other blokes of course for their 'look' and general carefree attitude to the boring things of life.

Turn your attention to any relative's place and all you can think of is spic and span tables, ashtrays without a speck of ash on them, perfectly arranged nick nacks etc etc. The curtains always look like they have just been washed, the dishes like they have been cleaned so thoroughly that no germs could possibly be alive and the dishes served for dinner even if they are home made are always always perfect. Undoubtedly the maid at the house must be thinking
to herself - Madam is making me work extra hard for the money she pays me, hmmph! Its just that sometimes you feel to yourself - Why does it have to be so perfect? Wouldnt it be wonderful to go to your relative's party and find the main dish doesnt have salt in it or that they forgot to repair the generator which means that everyone has to sit in the party in the dark or with as much illumination as a handful of candles can provide? Why is it that the older we get, we feel this necessity to fool people into believing that we have the perfect house with perfectly trimmed lawns and perfect kid with the class topping grades and ..... Do we have to eliminate all traces of bachelorness in us ?


Divya Rai said...

Outstanding! I firmly believe that the girl/boy in soul should be preserved, no matter how the life unfolds.

Neil said...

Sigh! Easier said than done.