Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rock On

No 2 ways about it - you just have to watch Rock On. The movie which stars the talented and debuting Farhan Akhtar, the intense Arjun Ramal, the energetic Purab Kohli and the subdued but strong Luke Kenny as members of a band Magik. The movie deals with friendship and how life changes people. This is a rare Indian movie that is both powerful and heart warming. Strongly written characters, excellent music and absolutely wonderful technical work makes this movie a rare gem and a must watch.

The main reason I love the movie is that in many ways, Rock On is a movie that is going to have each one of us question ourselves by asking - What are you going to do with your life ? Are you going to eventually grow up and live life as everyone wants you to ? Or are you going to live your dream ?

Its easy to let life dictate what is going to happen to you. You complete your education , have a good job in hand. You enjoy life for a few years with your friends, you get married, you settle down, become a parent, struggle to balance work and your family and before you know it your kids have grown up and they are off to college. And the cycle continues while somewhere along the way you lose your dreams & aspirations and become who life wants you to become.

Many Indian movies understandably make money on the basis of the pulling power of their lead actors. Make no mistake about it, Rock On is not just about its actors or music. Its a wonderfully shot movie that highlights just how important the technical crew of a movie are. Brilliant camerawork & lighting make the movie so much more effective. In fact you probably would love the movie even if the camerawork and lighting were in the typical Bollywood style. But the work done in Rock On gives it such an amazing touch its impossible to miss. Sample the screen shots below to know what I mean.

For all you people out there who arent from India, I would suggest you wait for a while until the movie comes out abroad with subtitles. This is a movie that is a tribute to how far Indian cinema has progressed and what we can do given the will of producers. Hats off to my now all time fav Bollywood movie - Rock On and to the message it gives us - Live Your Dream.


Sanat Satyan said...

Yes...i agree...cant help thinking about our own 'small' band...Pro on guitar, Neil with readymade lyrics, Arpita the vocalist and hemanth the joker !

...and of course, i sit back and try to play my harmonica at the background...still trying !! :)

Hemanth said...

where the hell does joker feature in a band.... ??