Friday, October 19, 2012

Rude Awakenings - Part II

Now while everyone tells me that I always look to be in good shape and never seem to put on any weight, I have to admit, looks can be deceiving. There is that little pot belly that keeps popping up every few months or so which has recently led me to wipe the dust off my sneakers and after 3 weeks of careful planning, an additional 2 weeks of being delayed on account of the rains and a further one week of postponing on account of laziness, I finally started my jogging sessions in the nearby park.

By jogging sessions I mean a few rounds of walking, a mild trot, a steady walk, a fast paced walk, an attempt at a jog, a sheepish return to a fast walk (while hoping that no one noticed), a relaxed walk and finally the long walk back home before collapsing exhausted and unable to move my feet. Strangely the story was repeated every day. Now this is most unusual as all these years it has only taken me a day or two to get my body warmed up (while most people take 15 or 20 minutes but let’s not dwell on that) after which I would go jogging for a month or so and then proceed to lose so much weight that everyone would tell me I need to put on a few kilos.

Which is when I usually stop jogging and start hogging which leads to the appearance of the pot belly in a few months’ time. And so the circle continues. As much as I tried to avoid the thought, my logical mind could arrive at only one conclusion – I’m no longer 24 and time is catching up with me. On the bright side, 25 isnt too bad .... 

So while we get caught up in our day to day lives and give up on the smaller but equally important things (blogging in my case), life moves on and before you know it your ashes are being dispersed or you are six feet under the ground. No longer! For quite some time now the fan mail from loyal readers of this blog has been pouring in to the extent that the current postman has requested for an additional postman to be assigned to this route so that he doesn’t have to lug around the heavy stack of letters alone and break his back.

And while I have been meaning to blog more frequently, I just never seem to get around to it but I can deny the hordes of anxious readers no longer. This new and improved me (I hear you ask yourself, how does one improve on perfection?) is back to blogging though I will be experimenting with a different style going forward. Word of warning though – if the new blogger in me isn’t really as good as I think he is, don’t just post a comment saying “Go Back!” under each post. You will need to do something about it. Send in more letters, pick up the phone and call me, stage a protest march outside my place. I’m not that good with signs you see ….


Nefertiti said...

I don't know whether to laugh at your disillusionment or feel sorry that someone can be so deluded.

But yea, welcome back to blogging, and may it last.

Neil said...

Oh boy, I see that meanness levels havent changed one bit!