Monday, October 29, 2012

My Adventures in TV Land: Part III

The only thing that I enjoyed more than this was watching the Republican and Democratic conventions. For those not in the know, the conventions are 3 day events separated by a week, held by both parties and act as a platform for nominating their candidate, spreading word on their policies and to pat each other on the back while shooting down the opposition.

You had common folk adversely affected by the policies of the other party, former presidents (the Democrats had Bill Clinton and the Republicans kept George Bush away, self explanatory), the vice president candidates and wives all speaking before the presidential candidates themselves.

Just sitting back and watching what each party was saying, the audience that each party attracted and the fundamental difference in thought process on basic issues was just fantastic. This is the sort of stuff they do not teach you in text books. I must say I was blown away by the reception that Michelle Obama received and the speech that Bill Clinton made (look it up on youtube if you have the time, great speech in terms of chopping the Republicans into fine pieces) in the lead up to the speech by Barack Obama on the last day.

Bill Clinton's Arithmetic Speech

With the cooped in my hotel room lifestyle, I might not have got too many insights into the workings of St Louis but in the process I think I have learnt a bit about what makes America tick.

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