Friday, January 28, 2011

Honeymoon and James Bond (stop getting ideas ! )

To all my devoted readers (yes, all two of you) I ask, is there anyone out there who doesn't like James Bond ? The truth is we all love James Bond. The guys all wish they had the charm, voice and the looks of a James Bond (Sean Connery not Pierce Brosnan) while the women wish they met a guy like James Bond to errr play chess. Im sure everyone has at some point or the other wondered what it would be like to be a super spy with voice recorders disguised as everyday objects and cars loaded with missiles and machine guns with a back seat to errr play chess with the women.

Unfortunately life doesn't give us the chance to play super spy for real. (Well actually it does give me the chance but if I tell you about it I will have to kill you). That was until the advent of Facebook. Now Facebook for all intents and purposes is a marketers unadulterated dream with millions of people (including myself) putting up all their personal details out there for the FB guys to sell to marketers and get rich. Ill informed people (99% of FB users) think that it is a social networking site. But the beauty of FB was that up until recently it allowed people to snoop on just about everyone else and find out what they were hiding in the closet. Then people started making a hue and cry about privacy settings and they fixed it.

But by some strange unwritten code people have apparently started feeling bad for their fellow spies and have now started putting up pictures of their honeymoon (the politically correct term is 'holiday') on FB so that everyone can talk about it. Probably in the hope that the fellow spies would in term put up their pics when their wedding comes along. Or maybe they just want to show off that they could afford to go to a fancy place after an extravagant wedding.

Which of course, we as friends wouldn't know about since people have stopped inviting their friends to their weddings. Strictly family only these days. Cant blame them, if they have to afford a honeymoon to a fancy unpronounceable place then they have to cut costs. And what better way to cut costs than to invite less people for your wedding ?

But seriously, of all the things you have to put up on FB, does it have to be your honeymoon? Why not more pictures of your wedding? Why not the pretty bridesmaids who I would've tried to woo had I been invited to your wedding? Why not your dog? Or the plants in your garden? Or your underwear on your clothesline? Not that I'm complaining, it gives me and the rest of the world more than enough to talk about in our idle time.

Come to think of it, being James Bond isn't really going to be too difficult. All he has to do is follow the baddies on FB or Twitter. Imagine the scene, the bad guy slips into a back alley & Mr Bond runs past unsuspectingly. Meanwhile the baddie takes out his mobile & tweets "Slpd into back alley. JB is a fool. Hahahaha". And 2 seconds later Mr Bond shoots him in the head. A super spy beating the bad guys with technology. How could you not like James Bond ?

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Buls said...

Umm... People put up pics of all holidays so why not the honeymoon?