Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No Comedy Central this

Its funny how short the public’s attention on events that startle / horrify / shock us, is. I was skimming through today’s news when I saw an article on a cop who said he should’ve been honoured for killing one Sohrabuddin. I had no clue what the whole thing was about and decided to look it up on the net. Turns out this Sohrabuddin was an extortionist and rubbed off enough people the wrong way for someone to green light him. Sohrabuddin, his wife and an accomplice were travelling by bus when cops led by the Deputy Inspector General of Police intercepted their vehicle and whisked them away. Investigative reports have shown that the cops then eliminated Sohrabuddin and made it appear that he was riding a stolen bike and was shot dead in an 'encounter'. His wife Kauser was also killed by the cops and her body burnt. All this by top cops loyal to their Chief Minister, Narendra Modi who coincidentally was responsible for letting the massacre of minorities (read Muslims) happen while instructing the state administration to stand aside and do nothing.

The most fascinating part of this tale is that one of the accused cops, Rajkumar Pandiyan, is now claiming that since he has killed a notorious criminal he should be honoured for this and not hounded. Morbid humour to say the least.

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