Thursday, March 26, 2009


It really is fascinating to see the way people think. Some people think too much. Others just dont. A large number fall into the great gap inbetween. And when they do share the way they think I cant help but marvel at the brilliance of the human mind. These glimpses are rare to come by & often get missed in this hectic little chasing of happiness that we all indulge in. Some posts back I had written about the carrot & the train. Here are 2 more.
A recent conversation I had with a female friend of mine showed me once again why they say men are from mars & women are from venus. She was telling me about how she was putting on weight due to junk food (not true but experience has taught me not to argue with women on such matters) & how she desparately needed to reduce. Would've been fine but for the next sentence which went something like "Yeah I really need to reduce & then I want to eat so much that I put on weight."
Yesterday a friend of mine was told that he would have to stand in his business unit's stall for this event being conducted even though he didnt have any clue about anything related to it. When he explained to his boss his lack on knowledge on it he was told "Thats ok, when the marriage procession is moving you have to dance along with everyone else." Golden.

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