Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bye bye billing counter !

Popped into Landmark today and ended up picking 2 more books to add to my seemingly forever growing collection of books which I never seem to have time to read. Thought I would get done with putting me name on those that I hadnt & I ended up taking out all my books. Which was when I realised how many unread books I have lying here. So thats it, until I finish reading all my books, Im done with buying more. Here's a list of what I have picked up in the last 10 months which I have to finish before I can add to my collection.

The Complete Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister
By Jonathan Lynn & Anthony Jay

Hart's War
By John Katzenbach

Obama - From Promise To Power
By David Mendell

It Happened In India
By Kishore Biyani

A Second Scarpetta Omnibus - Cruel & Unusual , The Body Farm , From Potter's Field
By Patricia Cornwell

The Chronicles Of Narnia
By C.S.Lewis

My Autobiography
By Nigel Mansell

The Truth About Aids
By Dr Patrick Dixon

Redrum The Innocent
By Kirk Makin

To Play The King
By Michael Dobbs

By Anthony Grey

Balance Of Power
By Richard North Patterson

The Silence Of The Lambs
By Thomas Harris

Cosa Nostra - A History Of The Sicilian Mafia
By John Dickie

The Autobiography Of Malcolm X
By Alex Haley

By Irvine Welsh

Feel Robbie Williams
By Chris Heath

House Of Cards
By Michael Dobbs

The Final Cut
By Michael Dobbs

India After Gandhi
By Ramachandra Guha


Buls said...

Wow... thats a lot of unread books. Even I had started collecting CDs without watching the movies... and then had to stop buying new ones. I still haven't started watching the movies I already have. Best of luck

Rambler said...

Dude, I have seen ur collection. Should have borrowed a few. Would have done a great deal of good during this month....