Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seek and you shall find

Wrestling from before when I got addicted to it. Conspiracy theories on 9/11. Lousy reviews of video games I wish I could get my hands on. Tony Hawk performing his first ever 900. Someone pulling off a stoppie and then immediately lifting his front wheel in the air that made for an amazing sight. The latest news. Songs that were ‘thoughtfully’ unaired from the Bollywood movie that I unfortunately paid money to see cause I didn’t have too many better things to do. Street magic. Accidents that I wish I had never seen. Puppies. Drunk people talking crap. A lousy fashion show from some engineering college. One of the most amazing pieces of guitar work I’ve ever seen. Jeremy Clarkson’s face almost getting pulled off due to the awe inspiring power of the Ariel Atom.
What’s the thread that links them together? The best thing on the web after email – You tube. It really is amazing how you can always find a video to anything that you search for. Especially useful if it’s nearing 4 AM and you’re tossing and turning and cant find sleep no matter how many sheep, cows, goats, pigs, cats or ducks you’ve thrown over the fence.
In case you’re wondering what’s with the amazing guitar work that I mentioned. Search for “Coupdegrace Revisited” on Youtube. Stunned could barely begin to describe my reaction. Definite must watch.
I’m hooked on Youtube. Are you too?

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Reuben said...

No i'm not hooked on YouTube yet. Mail me sometime, u lunatic.