Sunday, November 25, 2007

A for apple, B for ball, C for cat and D for Delhi ....

With many a month having passed by (with me being blissfully unaware of the fact as usual) I have come to the rather late realization that my stay in the Capital wound up much sooner than I would have liked. Everyone’s attempt at trying to instill some amount of trepidation into my eternally worryless mind with the whole South Indian guy heading to the north of the country routine had failed miserably before I landed here and it still hasn’t had any effect. So what am I missing or waving a fond farewell to now that I have left that lovely place?

- The absolutely divine wide roads that I never got to sample in my stay here will definitely be much missed. Each time my mind wanders to those heavenly pot hole-less well lit roads and the sparse traffic on it in the nights I wonder what life would have been like had I brought my bike along with me. Big mistake it was not taking it to Delhi to say the least. Would’ve had a million dollar grin that refused to go away after each nightly sojourn. The mind can but imagine at this point of time.
- The machinery on those roads was absolutely soul stirring for my car craving self. Delhiites have wealth and love to flaunt it and I love them for that. Especially when they splurge on a sweet set of wheels. Evident by the number of BMW’s, Audi’s & Mercs (more common than a cold in India’s monsoon) as well as the Cayenne’s and the blue Boxster I saw. Porsche’s look amazing in pics and on Top Gear but seeing one in the flesh actually made me stop in my tracks. However my 2 wheeled paradise was limited to a solo Hayabusa and I wish I’de seen more. Especially since I’de heard so much about G.O.D.S – the Group Of Delhi Superbikers, bunch of guys who own some insane machinery.
- 1 thing I won’t miss is the lousy taste these Delhiites have in helmets. Thank heavens it is compulsory for all guys on 2 wheels to wear a helmet though the ladies get an unnecessary exception from the rule. And still all I see is dull boring plainer- than- a- vanilla- ice- cream- that’s- run- out- of- vanilla coloured helmets with very few of them going so far as to sport a couple of stickers on them. Far cry from my ummm eye catching GP One helmet I compulsorily wear every time I’m out on a spin.
- The whole sense of power that Delhi is famous for gives rise to a sense of arrogance that I can live without. Evident throughout the city and certainly not something that an outsider is used to. In all my time (not that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on this earth but still…) I’ve never encountered this corridor of power that gives a inimitable flavour to the place. Everybody knows somebody in power and behaves like a prick because of it.
- My daily trip past the India Gate. There’s something about it, indefinable really but irrespective of the number of times I passed by it looking at it was wonderful.
- The oppressive heat I bid a fond farewell to. I was fortunate that it rained on a handful of days which made them really pleasant and those sunless dark cloud covered skies brought back fond memories of monsoons at home. But when the sun decide to shine in all his glory Delhi was a pain. Fortunately my project didn’t involve too much traveling around Delhi so the confines of my office were where I was glad to be. But heading out to a nearby eatery to sample Delhi’s sweets was worth being out in the stifling heat.
- One word to describe sweets and food in Delhi – Yum! Fell in love with the food there. Hook line and sinker. Food, desserts, ice creams, pastries, short eats – in short everything. And for someone who loves food like me the place is perfect.
- The crowd for mixed reasons. Ive seen both extremes there. The loud boisterous unruly (if that is the right word) crowd on one hand that I used to see everyday while traveling up and down the city. The elegant sophisticated people who hold important posts in Delhi. The ones who know how to throw a party that you will remember for a while. Where classiness takes a precedence over flashiness.
- Weekends in Delhi will definitely be missed. We used to try to get tickets to movies and we never did succeed until the end when we finally got tickets for Cheeni Kum. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Missed out on every summer blockbuster this year. For the first time ever.
Theres scores of other stuff but my fingers are aching. Farewell Delhi until we meet again ….

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