Saturday, August 18, 2012

My writers block ensures that I cant even think of a smart subject line

How difficult can this really be? 6 years after the debut of this rib tickling must read blog (ok ok you can stop rolling your eyes now), I have to admit that I have well and truly been hit by a terrible case of the most dreaded (cue background horror music) writers block. It doesn’t seem to be a communicable disease as I have recently met people who blog with alarming frequency and still continue to do so after meeting me. There doesn’t seem to be a straight forward cure or if there is, nobody seems to be sharing the secret (Jealousy I say! Hmmmph!!). There really is just one symptom - the complete and utter inability to be able to write anything remotely interesting.

If evil creepy looking aliens invade our fair planet tomorrow and by some wicked twist, the salvation of the world rested on my ability to write a chuckle inducing blog post (an activity that i could have done in my sleep once upon a time), then you better go out and quickly complete those naughty things that you never had the guts to do all these years cause we will be, well and truly, doomed. And the worst part is, I have no clue about what to do about this seemingly insurmountable wall that stares me in the face.

The quality of my work on the professional front is as good as always. Not that it really was much good in the first place. My conversations with my friends involve sentences that are as long and complicated as ever and often go on for several minutes together. Being concise has never been one of my strong points. Well it’s probably my only not too strong point. Modesty on the other hand ....

I’m not one to post for the sake of increasing my blog count and have a certain minimum and admittedly extremely high bar that I have set (ok ok you can stop rolling your eyes now) when it comes to the quality of my posts. Back in the day, ideas used to come to me all the time and all I had to do was sit down and write. The first drafts of almost all my posts were very close to the final version that went up on my blog. Now it’s a case of ideas just refusing to pop up altogether which in itself is a strange phenomenon as I have always had a very fertile and infamous imagination.

If you were to hold a gun to my head and ask me why my brain freezes each time I open a file to type, I would probably say that every true genius (remember that bit about modesty) needs a muse and I have lost mine but that would be an outright lie as I never had one in the first place. Well of course I did have several of them but I can’t share the details on this family friendly blog.

The only other reason that I could possible think of, is that all my creative juices magically diminish as I spend more time with my two guitars. Implausible but not impossible. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is another story for another time. If only it wasn’t so difficult to write about it!

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Nefertiti said...

i really think you should formally close the blog and save your ONE reader from the agony and yourself from the humiliation.

and who are these people who blog with alarming frequency?? you meet really scary people!!