Thursday, June 09, 2011

The greatest movie .....

The worst movie ever made was unfolding right in front of my eyes. Admittedly it had one of India’s hottest box office superstars who was fresh off the success of his recent blockbuster but that was no excuse for the disgrace of a movie that was bankrolled by his brother’s production house. This was one of those movies for which you wished you had long hair only because you would have an excuse to pull it out in sheer frustration. If the lead actor was smart he would’ve kept a punching bag covered with the posters of the movie outside each theatre and charged the people unfortunate and / or dumb enough to watch the entire movie, for a chance to take out all their pent up rage on the bag.

Surely no movie can be that bad you say and that it’s just a case of this writer being cranky because he spent Rs 175 on a not so great movie. Of course it was as bad as I am making it out to be. The storyline had so many massive holes that you could have flown a full strength squadron of our Indian Air Force right through it and they could’ve done so blindfolded. The effort that was put in by the actors compares to our cricketers when they play anywhere except the IPL. I wish I could say the music was the saving grace but then again I’m not a very good liar.

What makes a movie great is well fleshed out characters, a reasonably strong plot
backed by some powerful script writing, a good background score and a little of that mysterious X factor that will leave the movie lingering in the minds of the viewers long after they have walked out of the movie hall. I know of one such movie that fits the bill perfectly and I’m pretty sure that none of you have watched it. The plot treads the fine line between being really good and great and the characters are built into it marvellously. The emotions that they go through as the story progresses brings to the fore the element of storytelling which seems to have become something of a lost art in this age of visual effects. The musical score is a strangely overlooked component of movies but here we have one that rivals that of the artistic The House of Flying Daggers and even the epic Dark Knight.

Now I’m the sort who prefers to be surprised by an awesome randomly picked ‘unknown’ movie rather than a mainstream box office hit that everyone says is a must watch. Green Street Hooligans and This Is England are two out of the blue movies that have left me spellbound and if you see the movie which I am talking about I am pretty certain that you will added it to your personal faves list. There’s just one problem.

You can’t appreciate how the lead actors have done justice to their characters nor the incredible production value which includes some stunning panoramic settings which are a visual delight. The same hold true for the plot and in fact everything else. And it’s all down to laziness. You see, it’s the greatest movie that’s never been made. And it’s right between my ears.

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