Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Weekday or weekend blues ?

I like weekends. It gives me the perfect opportunity to break the monotony of the cycle of go to work - come back and relax - sleep early that my weekdays are known for. Which is why on weekends I love to sleep till around 11 AM, listen to Radio Indigo, have a late lunch, do a good hour of reading, watch a movie, take my bike out for a small chakar around the block / go for an evening walk, flip through some channels till I realise that there is nothing interesting, flip through some magazines and finally watch another movie. All this slothful inactivity balances out all my (if I am being truthful, less than) hectic activity of my weekdays.
But things have slowly been changing. A couple of weeks back I set off on a 2 day trip to Yercaud with friends - 499.1 kms exactly from the time I started the trip till I got home 36 hours later. Result - a well rested mind but unfortunately sore neck. Which meant I had the entire week to rest, rotate, massage & soothe my sore neck.

Last weekend was more of the same. Saturday we went to the Innovative Film City which is on the Mysore Road. A nice one day outing for Bangaloreans, aimed more at the young families crowd though the name is rather misleading. Quite enjoyed the rather scary House of Horrors & the mind boggling Mirror Maze. Had my first experience with mini golf as well, definitely am no Tiger Woods in the making. A rather dangerously steering go kart did provide cheap thrills & the only downer was the rather sad & abused arcade games that they had. Exhausting day to say the least.
Sunday & I was up by 3 AM (usually the time when I go to sleep on a saturday night) for my first xBhp group ride to Devrayana Durga (DD) Hills. Pretty awesome trip with lots of bikes & more importantly safe riding. My favourite moment was while we were riding past a huge school in some village / town & seeing the unbridled excitement on the faces of those kids as over 30 bikers rode past them in single file with most of them in proper riding gear including jackets with protection, gloves & helmets. That moment will stay with me forever.

Did a bit of trekking after reaching the top and we were treated to a really magnificent view from there. After relaxing at the top we lined up the bikes for a massive group shot & eventually headed back after stopping for breakfast / lunch. A total distance of 220 kms in total.

Exhausted I got back and joined my fellow TAPMIans for lunch and later on sat down with them for some good old fashioned chit chat at home. Then went off with Alton to pick up for him some Cramster riding gear - ended up buying the K2K jacket & a good pair of full gauntlet gloves. Money well spent ! So what if the 2 of us riding side by side look like the desi power rangers ? All this however meant that I was running late for the Classics From Broadway musical show that was being held in St Johns auditorium. Took me forever to get through the traffic from Cunningham Road to Madiwala which meant that I missed out on my favourite songs. Did catch performances from Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Pocanhotas among others. Only problem was the exhaustion from the whole day meant that I could barely see the people on stage. I was actually afraid to close my eyes and concentrate on only listening cause i was worried i wouldve dozed off in a couple of minutes. My bed was never more inviting than on that sunday night.

And so here I am on a wednesday, trying to wade off the wave of sleep that has continuously kept descending on me for the last 2 days as punishment for the weekend's sleep deprivation. And sleeping early the last 2 days. To top it all off Ive been spending my time over the last 2 days searching for places to go this weekend. Sometimes I think I need to be more grateful for weekdays.

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