Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 2008

Its that time of the year again when I look at the little pop up at the bottom right corner of my screen & realise that yet another year has passed by in the blink of an eye. Of course just about everybody who thinks that their writing matters (journalists, bloggers, diary writers) will be sitting down penning their thoughts on the year's events both on a personal as well as general front. Which reminds me its back to my days of diary writing from tomorrow onwards. Party planning is going on in full swing everywhere I look. Beverage companies (cant call them alcohol manufacturers now can I?) sure must love December. Relatedly my home state of Kerala has just been in the news a couple of days back for witnessing record sales of booze despite the slowdown in its IT sector, the not positive stock market & increasing number of unemployed NRIs in the gulf. God bless Mallus. Anyways today calls for some introspection time which is probably the only thing good about New Years eve.

Am looking forward to settling down in work & having as much fun, if not more. Marriage age is setting in for both my childhood friends & TAPMI brethren, a couple of weddings are happening in Feb. Looking forward to more in the coming months. The R15 which I blogged about earlier is as tempting as it ever was, crappy after sales service included. Now to build my bank balance towards its high asking price. Thing is by the time I'll be able to afford it Bajaj wouldve come out with newer & better bikes & I'll be back to square one. Hopefully I finally get off my lazy butt & start writing my one-shot-at-writing-glory novel. Hopefully I dont have to upgrade my wardrobe to account for my increasing waistline. Hopefully I get my hands on all the eipsodes of Seinfeld which I'm really loving these days.

Its been a royal mixed bag in the last 364 days, hope the next year is as topsy turvy as this one. What’s life without a little uncertainty anyways ?

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