Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An unforgettable WC finals

11.40 P.M 9th July 2006 : Axel and I are discussing what time we should head to the college auditorium to see the battle of the 2 ( undeserving? ) giants – Italy and France in the World Cup finals . We’re the only 2 football fans left in the hostel , just about everyone else headed out more than half an hour ago . Call up Steam Engine to confirm that the match is starting at 12:30 , I’m told that the match has already begun and France are 1 goal up , shit ! Hurriedly wash the rest of clothes and grab my trademark NY cap and my jacket . Blasted Shakira …..

11.47 P.M : Not one to give up on tradition , Axel has already lost his umbrella in the 3 weeks he’s been here . As we begin our 10 minute walk , I mention that the worst thing that could happen now ( besides us missing another goal that is ) would be the fact that the rain gods could decide to shower their ‘blessings’ on us after a whole evening of no rains .
The crappy thing about the weather here is that when one leaves college , there’s no sign of any rains but within the 8 – 10 minute ritual of ours it usually pours , leaving us drenched despite the presence of umbrellas and just before we’re in the hostel the rain gods have decided that they have had enough fun and are ready to piss off someone else .
Anyways someone up there seems to have heard us as it starts drizzling at first , and the showers follow pretty soon after . With my jacket over our heads , we continue our steadfast march through the puddles that have suddenly filled up , unmindful of the stares of the few other souls huddled together in front of a tea shop as the rain keeps pouring down without remorse . Little do they know the prize at the end of our mad scramble . In true filmy style we see the outline of an auto heading towards us in the by now really heavy rain , its dim headlight barely illuminating the road in front of it . Fortunately it’s empty and we hop in , 2 minutes later as we reach college and walk to the auditorium the rain settles down into a drizzle and stops the moment we step into the block . Sometimes I wonder …. Oh yeah more stupid Shakira ramblings .

10th July 2006
12.00 A.M : We walk in with scores tied , the whole of my right side is soaked while Axel’s left side is in a similar condition with his 66 looking like its just taken a bath . End up sitting with the Italy fans ( who were fewer in number ) , something we didn’t initially know . Each half chance is greeted by loud Oohs from their fans with hands on their heads and all , while the other side grabs the chance to push a couple of insults through . Half time and our seniors have arranged for hot tea & coffee along with pakodas . 3 cheers for our welfare comm. ! The 1 huge and I mean huge problem with the DD telecast is that they get really lousy ‘experts’ ( smell the sarcasm ) to bore us to death during the breaks . I thought we MBA students were good at doling out Global Gas ™ , but these guys beat us hands down , no more can Tampmians claim the GG tag after that half time show . To add to the agony they refuse to show the goals that we’ve missed . All because of Shakira ….

9th july 2006
Around 10 P.M : No one is really sure about what time the match is actually starting . So far all the matches have been at 12.30 A.M , but the paper says that its at 11.30 P.M . Someone mentions the fact that there will be the whole closing ceremony thing happening with a performance by shakira . Who wants to see shakira shaking her hips when we’re worried about the World Cup ? Besides I’m not a shakira fan , so I decide to skip the ceremony and head there in time for the match . In hindsight I probably would’ve been there by 11.30 and seen the whole match had the name shakira not come up .

10th July2006
Who cares what time it is : France comes out with all guns blazing in the second half and I’m pretty sure that Zidane will leave the football world with the 2006 World Cup added to his list of accomplishments . Despite starting off as a neutral observer , I’m leaning towards France by now , not a good thing as I’m sitting behind guys who are swearing away to glory at the French players . However the signs aren’t good for the French , Viera gets substituted cause he cant continue & very surprisingly Henry gets substituted as the match moves towards the inevitable penalty shootout . Zidane with an open header that is kept out only by an amazing Buffon save , a little wider on either side and the French players would’ve felt the Cup in their hands . However the highlight of the night was saved for the end , as Zidane headbutted Matterazzi in a moment of stupidity and was sent off after the referee consulted the other officials . Italy don’t press for the win in extra time and its penalties time . The rest as they say is history , but the Zidane incident left a bad taste in my mouth .
A flurry of sms’s follow the match , opt to walk back to the hostel with Drummer-nan for company . Nothing like a good walk with lots to think about and a cool breeze . Of course Cristiano has major post match analysis to do at 3:45 A.M , which means I’m left woefully wondering the eternal hostelite question immortalized in Munnabhai MBBS – ‘ What is the procedure for changing my room ? ‘


Ehutch13 said...

dont swear its bad im young.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prostuff said...

but all in all it was damn good fun.......watching football wearing wet clothes has a special charm!!!

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Good work buddy

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hahaha..that was hilarious

btw , whats with shakira?